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Super Auto Decoder And Pick Tool HU92(+15)

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A business license or proof of locksmith practice must be produced when purchasing professional locksmith tools in accordance with the relevant law and regulations and industry practice
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  • Product Name: Super Auto Decoder And Pick Tool HU92(+15)
  • SKU Number: HH20212004
  • Shipping Weight: 0.105 Kg
  • Origin: 中国
  • Product model: 丘比特
  • Product quality: OEM

The story of Super tool:
The sun had gone down and it was late, but is not a common day. Snowing and winding in the crossroad of Russia, Mr Peter, a Professional Locksmith took one Auto 2 in 1 decoder and pick tool to help someone to open a car. Beacause the customer locked himself out of his car. And this was only October. Street lamps reflected irregular beams of light on the cobblestones. The biting wind bleared the vision and the cold weather trembled the hands, Mr Peter cannot see the size which show in the tool clearly, that made his work being so hard and took his more time to do so easy thing.
After back of his office, Mr Peter decide to make a new tool which as similar to the old lockpick. But must be more easy handle,he thought in his mind. with his experience and skill, he is sure he can make a super tool which can  solve the problems:1,for a new who cannot find out the scales.2, for locksmith can see the scale clearly even as no light.3,for locksmith can read the scales even with trembling hands.
If he can solve these problems and invent a new tool, he will make a great contribution to the world of locksmiths.
It needs him to try and practice very hard. And finally he succeeded. a new tool is here now and get the industry patent. This new tool have a good reputation among the locksmiths .this is named: Super!

“SUPER”—Designed by Russian –Peter, a famous Locksmith, it’s made in Taiwan with super quality;
“SUPER”—Patent number: 201420657428.9;
“SUPER”—with polish fruity、smooth feeling、beautiful .
“SUPER”—easier handle, quickly opening , read coder more efficient and accurate. The new user also will open a lock within 3 mins
“SUPER”—more than 10 years working-time. It will never Keep work 200 times without deformation.
            What amazing is it could not broken the lock.

“SUPER”—it’s made by high-quality stainless steel, more acid and more alkali, all parts were soldered together firmly.
“SUPER”—more voltage, more non-bending, more breaking –proof , more wearing-proof .
“SUPER”— the exact package make it easy taking  .
When you get “Super”, you win everything.

Compatible with the following:


2004 – 2010 Mini Cooper

2003 – 2006 Land Rover Range Rover

2008 – 2014 BMW 1 – Series

1999 – 2011 BMW 3 – Series

2003 – 2011 BMW 5 – Series

2004 – 2011 BMW 6 – Series

2002 – 2009 BMW 7 – Series

2000 – 2007 BMW M3 

2000 – 2008 BMW M5

2008 – 2008 BMW M6

2004 – 2009 BMW X3

2000 – 2011 BMW X5

2008 – 2013 BMW X6

2003 – 2013 BMW Z4



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Super Auto Decoder And Pick Tool HU92(+15)
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0.105 Kg

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